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Simpsons Porn Story: Stress Relief

Simpsons Porn Story: Stress Relief

NOTE: this is a future-fic, meaning that Bart and Lisa are both over the age of consent.

As he pulled his motorcycle into the driveway, Bart Simpson let out a sigh that he’d never admit to making. Just a few years ago, he’d been Hell on skateboard wheels, sending everyone in town diving for cover as he raced home from school.

That was before Homer had died, keeling over in Moe’s Bar just over two years ago. Thanks to the levels of his beer and donut consumption, Doctor Hibbert wasn’t sure whether it was his exhausted heart or his overworked liver that had killed him. Working at the nuclear power plant for decades without a single promotion had left them with no savings, and working for Burns had left them with the state-required minimum health and life insurance. If Ned Flanders hadn’t been kind enough to rally the church members for contributions, Marge would have had to go into debt just to pay for Homer’s funeral. Continue reading

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