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Simpsons Pornography Story: Kidnap Chapter 30

Simpsons Pornography Story: Kidnap Chapter 30

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Moving on though

The alarm was shrill yet quiet, a very odd combination. However, normally it got the job done. Maggie Simpson sat on her bed, staring out the window as she heard the machine tell her to wake up. This morning was far from normal though, for she had been up a little before dawn, thinking.

She was roughly eight years old and was almost a carbon copy of her older and only sister Lisa. Tales of how smart Lisa was at that age seemed to keep her up at night, making her wonder if she would ever match up to her genius. When she was a little younger than eight years old, she went to the library and skimmed over some of the old books Lisa checked out. Of course, then again, she checked out nearly all of them so it took quite some time to go through them.

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