Simpsons Pornography Story: Kidnap Chapter 30

Simpsons Pornography Story: Kidnap Chapter 30

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Moving on though

The alarm was shrill yet quiet, a very odd combination. However, normally it got the job done. Maggie Simpson sat on her bed, staring out the window as she heard the machine tell her to wake up. This morning was far from normal though, for she had been up a little before dawn, thinking.

She was roughly eight years old and was almost a carbon copy of her older and only sister Lisa. Tales of how smart Lisa was at that age seemed to keep her up at night, making her wonder if she would ever match up to her genius. When she was a little younger than eight years old, she went to the library and skimmed over some of the old books Lisa checked out. Of course, then again, she checked out nearly all of them so it took quite some time to go through them.

The first book she chose was like a sign for it was a scientific book. It talked about genes and how traits were passed along. This was both a relief and a worry; would she be intelligent like Lisa? Or borderline stupid like Bart? And what was worse; how would everyone, especially her parents, treat her then?

Recent events showed that she was between smart and dumb. After all, she tracked down Sideshow Bob when no one else did only because no one seemed to care about Barts disappearance. That was smart. However, she went alone and with a small weapon; that was dumb. How very easy it would have been for the man to tie her up and kill her since she told no one where she went.

This time though, she was determined to prove herself smart. She had awoken from a bad dream about Sideshow Bob striking her brother. Since then, she brainstormed and planned on what to do. Part of her wondered if Lisa would join her in her planor turn her in to Marge and Homer. Perhaps she would mention Bart nonchalantly as they went to school

The bus was quiet when they got on. There were two groups of people; elementary schoolers and high schoolers. It was sort of an unspoken rule that the younger kids sat in the front despite being the second stop while the high school kids, who got off first, sat in the back.

This was probably one of the few times Maggie would be able to talk to her older sister though. They didnt see each other during school and over half the time, Lisa stayed after school to study for something she already knew. Deciding to risk it, she followed the young woman to the back of the bus and heard several kids protest.

Lisa turned, spotting Maggie instantly, but instead of snapping at her, she turned her attention to the other kids. Leave her alone; shes with me!

Dont you guys study enough at home?! Nelson exclaimed, making several students snicker. Maggie frowned at the boy who looked like he lived in a cardboard box. His hair was greasy but whether it was from his own grease or some hair gel, she dare not ask. His face was smudged lightly and his clothes werent exactly spring time pleasant. Was this the boy who used to beat up Bart?

You can never study too much; its when you study less and fail the tests do you have to worry. Lisa sharply spoke, making almost half the bus look down. In that instance, Maggie knew and could almost see her sister being head of a corporate office that saved the world one day.

Once they sat down three seats from the back, Lisa whispered, What do you want? It wasnt sharp like an annoyed sister would speak, it was merely gentle with curiosity. This was just one more reason why she loved her sister, and hated her; she could be kind and understanding almost all the time.

In the same low tone, for she knew there were people nearby who couldnt mind their business, she spoke, I need to talk to you. Its about our brother.

Certain darkness overcame Lisas eyes. Was it anger? Was it regret? Was it sadness? Much to her dismay, Maggie wasnt an expert in reading eyes just yet. Her voice was still quiet but not as gentle as it once was. What about our brother? Each word seemed clipped.

I think hes been kidnapped by Sideshow Bob! She hissed at her sister, getting annoyed at how she couldnt tell what she felt. There was no way she would mention that she had already been at the mans house.

Lisa looked at the seat, studying it with her eyebrows scrunched. It was a miracle she didnt bore a hole through it! Finally after what seemed like a long internal struggle, she replied, I think youve been reading too much into those mystery books. Ill see you after school. She stood up and walked away from the seat, looking troubled.

Looks like Maggie would have to go aloneagain

It was real easy to ask Otto to drop her off at the police station. He had grey hair already and his hearing seemed to be fadingor maybe it was the constant headphones that dampened his ability to hear. Either way, she asked and she received.

The police stations steps were cracked from years of wear and tear. It looked like it was made in ancient times, especially when one walked inside. The bars that were made of iron and metal seemed to have rusted slightly. Could they really hold a criminal now?

Excuse meChief Wiggum? She stepped over to the desk and almost flinched at the towering man. He was wide but, comparing pictures to now and several years ago, a few pounds lighter. His eyes, tired and sleepy from awakening from a nap, looked down at her.

Oh, hello little Lisa. He tilted his hat back with a flick of his finger, smiling warmly.

The gray on his head made her wonder if he was losing his memory. No, Chief Wiggum Im Maggie.

Frowning, having not liked being corrected, he smiled again. Sorry about that, Maggie. You look so much like your sisterwow, time flies by, huh? He sounded more like the grandfather Maggie didnt get to remember.

Sir, I came here to talk to you about the whereabouts of Bart Simpson, my brother. No doubt this kind of talk reminded him of Lisa. Maggie both liked it and hated it; she was able to sound smartbut she was in her sisters shadow. When would she get out?

Wiggum smirked. Youre brother is probably playing a prank on everyone like he always does. Or maybe he moved out of town. It had been all the towns gossip when Bart left his own home.

No, I think youre wrong. Part of her, the young part that was truly eight years old, grew annoyed. I think Sideshow Bob took him!

Wiggum suddenly burst out laughing, making the cruel sound echo in the room. It was amazing how the buttons on his pants didnt pop off from it. Sideshow Bob hasnt been here in years, kid, so stop worrying.

Maggies fists clenched, fury making them shake. Thats a lie! I saw him!

Yeah right, where? On an old Krusty special? He chuckled, wiping away a tear from his eyes. Go back to school and get an education, something your brother never did!

Next chapter: Maggie goes out to find her brother; Cecil and Bob had a fight that ends with a horrible surprise about Bart. Review please!

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