Simpsons Pornography Story: The soiree

Simpsons Pornography Story: The soiree

The party

Milhouse and bart stood in the corner talking and watching, it was Christmas and everyone seemed to be getting into the swing, for some reason though neither of them could fathom they were the only kids there, he knew others had been invited, they had mused that it was so the other kids parents could let their hair down and have no child worries, but as they watched his father get steadily drunk and his mother show the first signs of tipsy ness that idea had gone out of the window, they were drinking coke or orange but had on the odd occasion sampled some of the duff lying around.

The music was nothing worth listening too, the odd recognisable song, a lot of Christmassy songs but mainly older stuff, the adults seemed to like it though. They had been in barts bedroom playing on his games console but had soon tired and simply stood in the corner watching the milling folk. The talk soon switched to women, Milhouse had remarked about the lack of girls, none of them were here and he had been a little disappointed, especially as Lisa wasn’t here, eventually as they started to grade the women into beauty, foxiness and gave them a babe-ility rating they moved onto more intimate parts. Ass size, grab ability, holdability roundness, then it moved to tits, they were both surprised to find they both had high grading for each other mother.

Milhouse commented that Marge, Barts mom was slim, her boobs looked firm and there was definitely more than a handful, her figure was still with her, her ass looked firm and she looked incredibly sexy in her red Christmas outfit, short skirt and jacket with wool around hem and sleeves. After rating Luanne Milhouses mom, Milhouse admitted to bart he had found Marge sexy for quite a while, bart reluctantly at first admitted also. While were on that subject he said, there is something else I want to admit to, it happened before, about 30 mins ago when you were at the toilet, I was waiting for you when your mom passed, she asked where you were and I said upstairs on the toilet, Bart said yeah she came and asked if I was having a good time, well said Milhouse it was when she went up the stairs, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.

She had passed, I could smell her perfume, and I watched her, when she went upstairs, where I was stood I got a good eye full of what she was wearing, oh said bart, yeah, she was wearing suspenders and black skimpy panties, defiantly a thong, and as I said before, she had a firm ass. Bart laughed, you looked up my moms skirt, Milhouse cocked his head and smiled, well then said bart, next level of the game it is, we have rated the women, our moms, so now we have to get good looks, you got your phone? Yeah why, well said bart its no good saying we’ve seen we have to get piccies to prove it…ahh Milhouse said, good idea I think I’ll like this game. Right said bart, back here in half an hour.

The boys went off, armed with camera phones and naughty ideas and plans. Milhouse was the first to get a piccie, Marge was pouring herself another drink in the kitchen, Milhouse appeared and said, hey Mrs. Simpson do you mind if I get a photo, I think you look real good in the Christmassy outfit, very seasonal. She smiled why well thank you Milhouse she slurred, Milhouse already had the plan formed in his head, he stood before her, about two feet away, marge placed her drink down and turned to face him, Milhouse raised the camera phone and pointed it towards her, marge put her hand on her hip and bent her body sexily, nice said Milhouse and took a picture, oh, he feigned, the light seems to have blocked most of it out, can you bend a little so I don’t get as much of the light, no problem she said.

As she bent, Milhouse smiled as what he had expected to happen, happened, her top dropped forward giving him a very good view of her breasts snugly held in her bra, Milhouse took a picture of her normally, then as she stood, zoomed in towards her breasts and took another, real close, taking the entire frame up. Thanks he said, he pulled the first picture up for her to view, not bad she said, but these small phones don’t really give a good picture, they do when downloaded onto the pc Milhouse thought. Barts pic, although took while Luanne was bent over was not as good or revealing as he took it from behind , her ass was firm and the picture showed it, he intended to get more and better pictures within the allotted time.

Bart wandered around keeping a close eye on Luanne waiting for the moment, he didn’t have to wait long, he saw the opportunity, he slipped to her left, she was sat on the sofa talking, her blouse was unbuttoned two down showing a nice bit of cleavage, but it was between the third and fourth button which bart had spotted, smooth creamy skin of the breast, with the frills of the bra, a quick zoom and the image was his. Then within a second, as she chatted unknowing of barts game, she bent to place her drink on the floor, the blouse dropped giving a full view of the breast and bra and as bart zoomed in to steal the pic he noticed the bra had also dropped slightly and he defiantly caught sight of and pictured a part view of nipple, a winner he thought.

In the kitchen marge took a sip of her drink, I think she slurred again I need a pee, Milhouse tried to plan in his head, here he said taking her hand, your looking a bit unsteady so I’ll give you a lift. Thank you she said smiling, she walked or rather followed Milhouse, he walked passed bart and winked at him, he frowned, what the….. Milhouse smiled and carried on walking, bart watched them both turn and walk up the stairs. As they were going up, Milhouse turned his phone from pics to movie, he would only get a thirty second clip but it could be worth it. The landing as he had hoped was clear, he looked behind him to see no one was following also wanting the toilet, there wasn’t, he smiled, then he saw bart still staring, the smile turned in to a grin, Put your arm around my shoulder Mrs. simpson he said, you’ll find it better for support that way.

Marge did so, you are a little helpful chap tonight aren’t we, of course he said slipping his phone to film, as she leaned into him he glanced over and watched as he positioned the phone so it looked directly up her skirt as she walked, he didn’t know how it would turn out, he just hoped it would be good. He was careful not to be caught, as he saw them near the toilet his stopped the clip and slipped the phone out of sight. Marge never even noticed, he opened the door for he and asked if she would be alright, yeah she said no worries, he noticed as he turned to close the door the mirror above the sink, it gave a perfect view of the toilet, and he saw marge swaying towards it, what if he thought, it was risky but worth the try, he stepped outside and said, I’ll wait for you, he left the door slightly open.

Hands shaking he quickly pulled the phone from his pocket, his fingers quickly selecting the appropriate keys he set the phone to video clip again, he looked, marge had already reached the toilet and was turning, Milhouse raised the phone and zoomed in on the mirror, its reflection and the free event unfolding, the phone filmed. Marge swaying from side to said, concentrating on balance rather than anything else hitched her skirt up, Milhouse’s mouth dropped open, her shapely legs in the suspenders were beautiful, in fact the word fantastic was an understatement, then the small white panties he had briefly seen earlier, also being filmed, his heart raced as he saw her take their sides and begin slipping them down, as she did so she lowered her body to the toilet, Milhouse knew as he had seen, he knew he had filmed the small patch of blue pubic hairs between her thighs, only for a second, then it was gone as she sat, he paused. He hoped she wouldn’t notice so he stepped out of view. He looked wearily up and down the hall, he knew it would just be his luck someone would come, fortunately no one had, he had no idea how long women took to pee, especially adult women, but he presumed it would be about the same as he and a little longer, not very logical or mathematical but good enough for him, he stole a quick glance.

The reflection showed her still sat, her head was bowed and she still swayed on the seat, then he saw her move for the tissue paper, he swung up his camera and began recording. Walking up the hall, knowing he was about to film up her skirt had started the familiar stirrings between his thighs, he was already semi from the kitchen picture, now though as he stood filming her on the toilet he had a raging hard on in his trousers, he watched her roll some tissue onto her hand, then he felt his heart skip as he saw her legs open to receive her hand, the mere sight of her thighs opening and the images of what it must look like and feel like scurrying around his mind made his cock tingle and twitch. He watched her hand move back and forth as she dried herself, imagining her pussy lips parting, god he thought he was going to blow. The he guessed she had finished as her hand slipped back out and she took hold of her panties and stood.

This time it wasn’t a fleeting view, he got a good view, two possibly three seconds before the panties were pulled up high enough to hide everything. It had been enough, again he saw the patch of blue pubic hairs, the neatly trimmed shape of a small triangle, its point pointing towards the as he imagined, the heavenly area of her pussy. He also saw the two pussy lips he had been imagining a few seconds ago, shaved smooth, there profile clearly visible, their meeting in the centre and the slit, Milhouse gulped at what he had seen, and what he had filmed to view over and over again…..forever.

The short clip ran its course and stopped as she was lowering her skirt and tidying herself up, he didn’t care it had stopped he had gotten what he had wanted, there was no way bart was going to top this.

Downstairs, bart watched as Milhouse and his mother disappeared, where the hell were they going and how the hell did Milhouse persuade her to do….whatever they were going to do. He looked to the floor, I have to act fast he said to himself, his cunning min set to work, the gears of planning set into motion and an idea was popped out in seconds, he smiled, it was all he could think of in short time, it might no work, it might there was only one way to find out. Mrs Van Houton he said, she stopped talking to her friend and turned to him, oh hi Bart she said, what can I do for you, have you, he said putting his small hand on her hand, got a moment please, of course she said.

Bart stood and walked to the kitchen, he turned to see Luanne unsteadily making her way towards him, he also noticed how she had to put her hand on the kitchen surface for support as she walked, with a bit of luck he thought her condition if played right could aide in his plot. I had to come in hear he said as its less noisy, it ok she slurred. At school he began, we have been asked to take pictures and build up a collage of friends and family and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mid letting me take a few photos of you with my camera, he offered it to her. Oh she said, they are amazing these things, of course I’ll pose, im surprised Milhouse hasn’t asked, im sure he will offered bart. Well, bart said, it’s a perfect project for me as I have been interested in photography for years, I know im still young but I find my subjects are much more at ease if im professional and candid, that’s very mature of you she said I didn’t think you were like that about anything, I am full of surprises he smiled, but when I put my photography hat on as it were, there is nothing more important.

If I may bart said, I would like to say first of, choosing you was the easiest as I believe you to be the prettiest in here and think you will photo perfectly, Luanne blushed slightly at the compliment, she may be drunk but a woman always recognises a complement. I would like to said bart, capture you in a variety of poses and settings, possibly with themes, I think this would look good foe my project, okay she said like what, well, bart said, here for one in the kitchen, it may be politically incorrect to say, but a woman is more likely to be in the kitchen than the man, so it would be a good picture and theme, if I may, bart said raising the phone, she smiled and placed her had on her hip and coyly looked at the phone, bart took a picture, then moved around the room and took a couple more.

For his and Milhouses game, they were useless as they showed nothing, but it was all part of his plan and he hoped it would work, he had to be cleaver and cunning as he hadn’t the foggiest what Milhouse was doing or how well, he wanted to win, now to get her out of this environment and more…….personal. Another topic or theme would be the garden, maybe we could get you with stars in the sky, a garden back drop, I think this type of light would reflect and add to your natural beauty and soft innocent face, again Luanne blushed, she was like putty in his hands at the moment, come on, the garden it is, she took a drink of her wine and walked to the back door, opened it and stepped into the garden.

Bart switched off the security light as he passed it, he didn’t want anyone knowing where they were or disturbing them, if he managed to get her relaxed enough to pose as he wanted, he didn’t want anyone interrupting them and putting her off. As she stepped outside, bart said wait there, she stopped, I want a picture of that hour glass figure of yours if you don’t mind, she giggle, you could charm the birds out of the trees she said, I wouldn’t mind bart thought charming those knickers off you to get some real pictures, bart smiled, she turned and he took a picture of her figure, which was pretty good it had to be said.

He got one decent photo of her where she bent over for him, he saw a little cleavage but his best picture was still the nipple shot, he was beginning to wonder if he would top it, and what Milhouse and his mother were doing. Bart said, right we’ve seen them in garages and on the TV so I may as well ask if you wouldn’t mind sexily draping over my dads car as if you were selling the latest sports car, she giggled, why not, sounds like a laugh, bart grinned she was not only warming to it, she was beginning to enjoy it, maybe his luck was in.

Inside the garage, there was no noise, the party music and people noise were completely filtered out, they stepped in and bart locked the door behind them and spoke out, his voice a little higher to mask the noise of the key turning and the lock engaging, it seemed to work as Luanne never commented. I know its not a sports car, he said pointing at his dads car, but with that face, I doubt anyone will notice, she smiled you are good, thank you said bart, as sexy as you can he said, he felt the twitching between his thighs, it was more anticipation, hoping at how far she would go than actually knowing, but his excitement grew anyway,

Luanne lay on her left side over the bonnet, her left leg still on the floor, but her right leg lifted and resting on the bumper, nice, very nice bart said, it was too, as she had done this, the thin white dress had risen slightly showing a little thigh on her right leg, now to make a quick play he thought, he stepped to her and took her left hand, put this here he said putting her hand on her left thigh, he stepped back and clicked a picture, right he said moving forward, a few seconds he thought and I COULD get a really good picture, as took her right hand and placed it on the bent and raised right thigh and as polite as he had ever been, he said if its alright with you, will you allow me to…..instead of waiting for the answer, bart moved her hand towards her hip, this raised her skirt a little more showing more thigh, but it wasn’t the thigh he was interested in.

She didn’t realise what he had done, or at least he guessed she hadn’t, either way she didn’t resist, bart stepped back and took a picture, noticing that if he moved a couple of feet to his left he would have an exceptional view. Stay there he said, nice and still, he took a couple of useless pics and edged to his left, when he guessed he was positioned right he said to her, right look to your left slightly and up to the top of the wall, bart knew that when she did this he had his view, she did it, she couldn’t see him exactly but she would see his movements, he dropped low to his left and zoomed his phone as he did so, there on his screen he smiled as he had done it right, was a full frontal view of her panties, right up her dress and slightly opened thighs.

His cock had hardened, it throbbed at the picture he was getting, he could make out the shape of her pussy, so tight were her panties, the lips nestling beneath the thin material, bart took several pictures, god he was horny. He moved back, not wanting her to catch him, ok he said brilliant, she turned to look at him and was smiling, do you really think so, as I said, he replied, you look good on film. As were talking about looking good on film he said turning his back to her, I said I would be open and candid, when we received this project, a couple of the lads suggested we get a competition going, he turned back to her, she frowned oh how. Well bart replied, the completion would be won by the person who had the…….sexiest picture….he shrugged his shoulders at her….lads he said.

She giggled, hey he said, I told you, photography is my thing, and I think with you I could win this competition but it depends on you, she slipped of the car, and righted herself after a couple of seconds of unsteadiness, go on, oh nothing rude he said…no just sexy, like what you’ve done then he said, pointing to the car, she giggled again, you thought that was sexy, bart feigned a laugh, hell yes…. But he then sighed and looked as if he was thinking, although he already had his plan, and it was already in motion and going well, here he said and walked over to her.

Put your butt on the bonnet, he placed his hands on her hips, she did as she was told, right he said, he stepped back and looked, nice, very nice, okay, undo a couple of buttons, not too many of course and then bend ever so slightly towards me and pout a kiss, bart simpson she said, barts heart fell, bart simpson, aren’t we the naughty little one, bart nearly came in his pants as he watched her take then open not one, or two but three of her dresses buttons, what about this she said, she raised her dress slightly, showing some thigh, pulled her arms in and pressed her breasts together accentuating her cleavage then pouted at bart, bart raised his phone, there he said, im shaking that’s how good and sexy this is, she laughed before re applying the pout, bart took a picture, then zoomed in on her ample cleavage and took another.

And you call me naughty he said, Luanne giggled again and said, I have my moments, bart then applied a subtle bit of psychology, well if you have some more moments we’ll win this competition, he had cleverly turned it so they were doing the competition, so she felt part of it, instead of just he. Ok he said, naughty Luanne, to which she giggled, here’s one, raise both your legs onto the bumper but place your hands down…err between pushing your dress, good, good she said, and she did so, bart felt his cock pumping in his trousers, it was sex, it was very sexy, in fact it was fucking erotic, looking at her like that, an adult female doing this for him, well that’s how he saw it anyway.

Jesus he said, were going to win this hands down, do you think she replied, durr yeah with you as the subject, I cant lose, an added compliment bart thought cant go amiss. Ok ok err oh yeah he said, he moved to his right where his father kept his work chair, he brought it over to her, sit there pretty lady a bit of comedy to keep her at ease he mused, then he walked away and turned back, sit there, legs open, dress pressed down, bend and pout, I have a better idea she said, bart frowned, he watched her unbutton all her blouse, his heart was racing, she flipped the back off exposing her shoulders she positioned her blouse, totally open but her arm pressed to her breasts, her legs wide and her hand pressing down on her dress.., wow bart said, and he meant it, not as the compliments he had given her before, but as an intentional…WOW.

All this he thought, how far he had come with Milhouse’s mother in what about five minutes, he hoped Milhouse would be wondering where he and his mother were when they returned as he had done, she was sat before him, legs wide, unfortunately showing nothing there, but her blouse open, and even with her arm covering her breasts, it didn’t stop them from appearing to flow over her arm. That is sexy, I know I said I wouldn’t be rude but if the lads get the same reaction as I am…we’ve won. Luanne laughed knowing exactly what he meant.

Back upstairs Milhouse leaned against the wall trying to look casual for Marge when she came out of the toilet, he hoped she wouldn’t mention or notice that the toilet door had been left open. The erection in his trousers was very obvious but to him, as he placed his hands over it to hide it, it looked more like he was trying to hide something than looking like casual. He had no choice though, he waited, nothing Marge didn’t come out of the toilet, he frowned, women could take their time but this was ridiculous. He moved off the wall and looked through the gap his hand ready t tap on the door, he saw marge sitting on the edge of the bath, head bowed, she looked asleep, he had better go and get homer, then he thought, smiling, no, I wont get homer at all.

He slipped into the bathroom and closed the door then walked up to the slumped marge, Mrs Simpson he called, Mrs Simpson…. Nothing she had fell asleep. The opportunity was too good to miss, she was sat there on the side of the bath, her arms at her side and the cleavage very very inviting, he slipped out his phone and set it, he the zoomed in on her cleavage and took a picture. Mrs Simpson he said, lowly almost a whisper, she grunted but nothing more, he placed his hand on her shoulder and shrugged her a little, she simply moved to his shrug, but never woke, again he shrugged, again nothing not even a grunt. He smiled, he re set his phone to film and as he pressed the play button, taped his hand as it pushed her breast feigning a shrug, Mrs Simpson he called, something unintelligible came from her mouth, he did it again, her breast was soft, yet firm and filling the clothes she was in, his cock tingled and his heart raced with excitement, were going to have to get you to your bed he said.

He moved beside her and slipped his left arm around her back and under her left arm, he smiled as he opened his hand and placed it on and took a good hold of her left breast and started to lift her, it felt good in his hand, it felt huge, which it would as his hands were only small, h said 1……2…..3 and then he lifted her, come on lets get you to your bed, his right hand, shaking from the exertion filmed his hand holding her breast as he lifted then walked her out of the bathroom, down the hall and to her bedroom. The door was open so it was easy to get inside, Milhouse managed to switch on the light and made her way over to the bed, he eased her down and she rolled onto her back, Milhouse’s hand still felt as if he had her breast in it, he looked over at the door and decided as no one was there to take a chance, unfortunately he wouldn’t be able to film this as he was going to use both hands.

He reached out and placed both his hands on her breasts, he caressed and squeezed them gently, they were firm, they were big, they were gorgeous, he wanted to pull them out and suck on her nipples, he stood, he had taken a risk, it had paid off, he didn’t want to push his look, he walked over to the bedroom door smiling at the footage he had to show bart, he was going to win this game, he turned as he was about to turn off the light, he hadn’t noticed before as he had been concentrating on her boobs, but he legs were open, not wide, but definitely enough to see panties and gusset. How could he leave an opportunity like this go begging, dare he……… he grinned, he made sure the hall was clear, closed the door and pulled over the small lock then turned to face her.

Milhouse pulled out his phone when he neared her, there was plenty of battery left and plenty of memory, he decided photos first, watching her to make sure she slept, he clicked the button taking a photo, he smiled as he looked at it, her legs slightly open, the small briefs she was wearing, and best of all the outline of her pussy lips, his next picture was closer, then closer then closer, he was just inches away with the last, they were perfect, the briefs were not see through and she wasn’t camel toeing, perhaps he could do that, he almost sniggered as he thought about it, switching the phone to movie clip again, he carefully took some of the panties between finger and thumb, he could feel the curls of her pubic hair as he gripped them.

Slowly he pulled the panties upwards, sure enough bit by bit they slipped between her lips, Milhouses heart raced as he saw her lips become exposed before him, his cock ached and tingled in his trousers, he ached to pull it out and jerk off over her. Finally when the two smooth shaven lips were exposed, her panties in her slit Milhouse aimed the camera upwards towards her face, then turned it to face him, evidence enough he thought, the prize was his. Or dare he go further……. Of course he did, he grinned as he ever so carefully slipped his finger under her panties, he felt the pubic hair rustle and move as his finger moved through then out of the other end, he then ever so carefully pilled the panties out from her slit, still no movement from marge, he pulled them to the side and released them, there before him was his best friends bare and exposed pussy for his to see, spy, stare glare at, an adult females vagina, inches away he watched as his hand, one finger outstretched, shook as it neared, intending to do what was in his mind.

The only slight frustration was constantly re setting his phone as the clip duration was only thirty seconds, and each thirty seconds seemed to be passing in ten, what he would give to have a camcorder now. Suddenly his finger touched her smooth warm and puffy lips, he groaned lightly, he was shaking from head to to, still no movement from marge….thankfully. His finger traced the length of her slit, back and forth, slightly opening it, then he pushed her lip, moving it away and partially exposing her inner pussy, this place was secret, to and from him and all other men except homer and here he was looking at it and, touching it. She wasn’t wet, but she was moist, probably from being warm, he didn’t care, he could smell her womanly aroma, god he wanted to taste it.

Meanwhile down stairs in the garage bart was having his own fun, with Milhouse’s mother. He was so intense on his own goals he wasn’t bothered what Milhouse was up to or where they were. He had mentioned his arousal purposefully, wanting to see if she looked, either occasionally or once or as he hoped a few times, he kept moving taking pictures of her from different angles, he smiled as saw he look at his bulge, her eye brows raised slightly in surprise, perhaps she had been expecting a small bulge, well he was pleased he had disappointed her there, he was quite well endowed for his age. As he moved taking the pics he caught her twice then three times, every opportunity it seemed she was looking at him, then she said, yes you were right bart, it has had an effect on you.

You noticed was him calm sounding reply, he was less than calm inside though, he was quaking, but he tried to focus, tried to plan, to lead her the way he wanted, not only did she appear to be going that way, she was going herself. Its hard not to notice, bart laugh yeah its hard…then after a short pause, said ill take it as a compliment, as it was meant came her reply, bart took her attention from his bulge by lowering his phone, how about he said looking her dead in the eye, how about some…….personal picks, she smirked sexily, knowing what he meant, now she seemed to be playing a game, I don’t know what you mean she said, what kind of personal ones.. Bart giggled, you know, just for me.

She held her head high, bart she said, your only twelve, im a grown woman, barts heart sank, anyway you would be much happier with girls your own age, these surely wouldn’t interest you, with that she pulled her arms apart, with the lapels of her blouse exposing her full and firm breasts cupped neatly and tightly into the white silky bra, the nipples each erect and prominent in their hardness, barts mouth dropped, she smiled, you like… bart simply nodded then while the chance was there took several pics, oh by the way he said, I couldn’t help but notice you were somewhat hard yourself in places, she gasped, bart Simpson she said in a low voice, you naughty boy, bart smiled.

He looked at he again, on a rating of one to ten I would say they are a f.iv…fiv….ten, he smiled, good job you said that she said cheekily, far be I from me to complain about such firm beauty, he smiled as he said it, but…….is that all I get for my personal album, her eyes opened as did her mouth, young man she exhaled…..well he said prompting her. She closed her mouth and eyes him, do you mean more like……this she slipped her arms around her back and unclasped her bra, bart saw it drop down, but nothing was to be seen, her arms well and truly covered the prize he had been hoping to see, now that is a sexy and erotic sight he said, but im sure it would be a better view if your arms accidentally on purpose fell to the side, she smiled, oh no…..if you want them moving…’ll have to move them yourself. Bart stopped and looked at her, if that wasn’t a come on he didn’t know what was….oh he said testing my mettle, well im braver than I look, prove it she said.

Bart smiled, closed his phone slowly and placed it in his pocket, he calmly and casually walked over to her, he was right before her, her eyes had not left his once, he gently placed his hand on her forearm, he applied a little pressure, he arms moved but bart didn’t look at her breasts, they both stared looking at each other, in their eyes they could each tell that what they were doing was wrong but exciting and were both wondering how far this was going to go after this little event, Luanne was the one who made it clear, as her arm moved from her breasts, exposing herself to this young boy, her hand rested upon the thing she had been most concentrating on in the last few minutes, his bulge.

Bart felt her touch, he sighed with pleasure, he felt her close her fingers around the bulge, her eyes opened and her eye brow raised, oh she said, we aren’t a small boy after all, Bart smiled, he simply moved his hand and took her right breast, feeling the warm smooth jelly like flesh in his hand, the hard bullet like rubbery nipple press against his palm, his cock throbbed and she felt it. Bart stood beside her looking down at her, in his hand her naked breast, caressing and squeezing it, Luanne looked up to him, her hand gently squeezing the bulge in his trousers, they stared, as if magnetically drawn their head became one as they began kissing, a long passionate almost lovers kiss, soft moans coming from them, when they released bar kissed and nibbled her ear.

Take it out he whispered to her, take it out, no bart she whispered back, your too young, your much to young, bart persisted, take it, take it out you want to, she never replied, then as if unable to resist, bart felt his zip lower as she began to undo his trousers, then it was out, he sighed, he heard her gasp as she took the thick swollen hot member, oh my god bart, its massive, so thick, so hard and hot he felt her fingers encircle his shaft, felt her grip and then move her hand up and down the shaft, he kissed her neck, still cupping and squeezing her breast.

Bart looked down and in one image saw his hand holding her breast, her dark nipple moving as he squeezed the orb, the top of her head and his erect cock being held by her hand, he slipped his free hand around to the back of her neck and applied a little pressure, trying to persuade her head to move to his cock, at first there was resistance, no no she said, we cant, you are to young, she emphasised the are, but he didn’t release the pressure, moving his hips, offering his cock to her mouth, there was resistance but she didn’t move away, no I cant I shouldn’t, but then she opened her mouth and slipped his cock in, barts eyes rolled into his head and his head lolled back as he experienced the pleasure, Luanne had given in, she eagerly accepted the cock, wanted the cock in her mouth, her head began to fervently bob back and forth bringing him into her mouth.

Bart moaned, he lowered his body slightly, his hand released her breast and slipped lower, between her already open legs and into her panties, she gasped as she realised what he was going to do, bart no, not there don’t touch me there, too late, barts finger had sought and found her slit, and as his finger slid down the wet valley then back onto her clitoris, she gasped and pushed her hips onto the intruding finger. For several seconds barts finger slithered back and forth over her clitoris, the hardened nub becoming more and more exited with the attention, now it was Luanne’s turn to moan as her eyes closed, her hips bucking gently to the fingering. Ohh god she sighed, so good, so long, bart felt her tighten her grip around his cock, slowly still rubbing it up and down, her pussy was soaking, drenched wet through, he moved from the clitoris and slipped one then two fingers into he excited wet hole, again she gasped.

Bart stretched his fingers as deep as he could into her, feeling her cervix, she moaned and opened her legs wider, yes she sighed oh god yes, she again opened her mouth and accepted his cock inside, faster and faster she bobbed her head back and forth onto it bart clenched his teeth as the sensations course through his small frame, his fingers slipping in and out of her, then returning to the clitoris freshly lubricated with her juices, her mouth opened and she released his cock, oh god she said, what are you doing to me, how can you, oh bart im coming, im coming, bart knew what that meant, his fingers intensified the busying on her clit, her body quivered ohh yes oh yes she whimpered as she orgasmed.

Bart didn’t stop, he continued the assault on her clitoris, she writhed in the chair, unable to comprehend how someone so young could be so or at least seem so experienced in this art, yet he was and she was not only enjoying it, she was on the verge of yet another orgasm, and a big one, she again took the cock into her mouth, but she couldn’t concentrate on sucking, she was coming and she was coming hard, within seconds she grasped the side of the chair and stiffened, her back arching and her butt coming off the seat as she pressed onto his finger, she grunted as she felt the orgasm spurt from her, bart gasped he felt the force of the warm jet splash out onto the chair and floor.

He had to taste it, the urge to was too strong, he slipped before her open thighs and instantly buried his face in her pussy, he thighs clamped onto his head, it was too much too much, she couldn’t take the intense pleasure, but bart had already claimed his prize and his mouth and tongue forced the issue, as he began licking and sucking, her thighs opened, she was in bliss, her mind a whirl, she grabbed his head and bucked her hips onto him, after her third orgasm her breath in short pants words, she knew came from her mouth which she never would have said normally let alone to a twelve year old, she was begging, pleading for bart to fuck her, she wanted that thick cock ramming into her aching wet open pussy, and she wanted it now.

Bart stood, glistens of orgasm and spittle around his mouth, he looked down, her pussy height was perfect as she sat in the chair, his cock was itching to be put inside her, he hoped he would be able to last at least a few minutes, but he doubted it. Teasingly he stood before her, are you sure he said, regretting the instant the question left his lips, her shaking hands grabbed his trousers, fuck me she said, put it in me, god bart I need your cock in me, bart grinned and obliged, he slipped easily and effortlessly into her wet pussy, she groaned as each inch entered, bart groaned also as he pushed his hips forward, feeling the wet warm insides of her velvety pussy clasp his shaft, balls deep he took her breast and placed his lips on hers/.

They kissed and moaned, he rubbed her breast as his hips rhythmically moved back and forth in and out of her, faster and faster, it wasn’t just passion now it was pure lust, faster, faster he pumped his hard member into Milhouse’s mom, yes yes yes she grunted in his ear, fuck me fuck me hard, as best he could with what little time he knew he had remaining bart rammed his cock into her, then with a grunt he thrust deep and felt his hot fluid spurt deep into her, they both gasped in unison, still his frame jerked back and forth, spurting each time, filling her, warming her insides with his cum, then panting they slumped together.

Upstairs, Milhouse had taken a picture of his finger touching Marge’s pussy, a finger partway inside her, then fully, then two, dare he, dare he get his cock in, he slipped onto the bed, slowly keeping a watchful eye on her. He positioned himself where he needed to be, he breathing was steady, she was asleep, deep asleep, in the quietness of the room he heard his zipper as he lowered it, felt the cool air as he released his hard cock, he looked down at the thick swollen end, the shaft pumping blood, throbbing and ready. He looked at her pussy, he would have to be careful when adjusting his weight, but careful he would be.

He placed his right hand to her side just above her hip, he took his body weight, the mattress gave automatically lowering him slightly, this only made it easier, his left hand held his engorged cock, his guided it placed the tip on her lips, almost came as the pleasure wracked through him, shaking and struggling to hold his weight much longer he managed to take a pic, how good it would be would have to wait until later viewing, then he watched as her lips opened as he slid forward, opened and began to accept him, nothing still from her sleeping form.

His tip disappeared into the black warmth of her pussy, then an inch of shaft, then two….three….four, he lowered himself onto her, after taking several pics, now both hands held his weight, his cock was buried deep in her pussy, he savoured the feeling memorising every sensation, then her pulled out slightly, then slid in, if he quickened or trusted too hard he knew he would wake her, he needed only a few minutes then it would be over such was his arousal, a nice slow rhythm was all he needed, in and out in and out his hips went pushing and pulling his cock in and out of her, he looked up with a fright as he heard a soft moan come from her lips, that was the catalyst, as the second moan came and he realised he was pleasing her, he felt his jet of warm cream fill her insides, this brought on a longer moan, Milhouse slipped his still cum dripping cock from her now wet pussy.

He took a pic of his still hard cock, cum bubbles on the tip, then a couple of her open wet pussy with his cum oozing out, no one will ever now what happened here tonight, he also wished he could see marges face when she wakes up and feels her pussy full of cum from an unknown source, will she tell, or keep it secret, he didn’t care he had the pics to prove he had fucked her and cum in her, this secret would be his, he may not even share it with bart.

The two boys met again ten minutes later, after there escapades, and as if one thought had been placed in both their minds they showed all there pics and clips except those of the fucks, they would keep them to themselves, Milhouse knowing barts mom had been fucked but bart knowing Milhouses mom had let him fuck her, he had a sneaky feeling they would be doing it again….if he had his way soon. They both diplomatically decided to call it a draw and see what else they could do with each others moms in the future, for now though the real truths were kept to themselves.

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