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The Simpsons 23 Intelligence Test (Netzfund)

Bart stayed after school because he failed an IQ test. His teacher Edna is now deciding what to do. She has an idea of how to proceed. Bart must take a sexuality test and fuck Edna. Edna is then stripped and asks Bart to be closer. Bart then fists Edna in her mouth that is moist forcing her to suck onto his fatty cock, repeatedly and over. Then Bart fists Edna with a tight smussy and causes the teacher into an orgasm. The test is successfully passed.

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[IToonEAXXX] – Expelled – 1 – english

Today Bart Simpson played another one prank in the school today yet this time he seem to have gone too far – principal Skinnar was the victim of this prank , and the principal is planning to expell Bart completely! Only his mother Marge Simpson appears to be the only one who can settle down the conflict due to her charming charms and certain skills (if you can understand what we are talking about)!

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