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[Comics Toons] Dreams come true (The Simpsons)

The parody comics offer is the chance to look at the alternative future of your favorite characters from the “The Simpsons” cartoon show where Bart will become the law’s protector as Lisa will reveal her ‘badgirl’ side. Since this is a hentai parody it’s going to become a bit in the near future, so remember that this is just an imagination and fantasy!

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Treehouse Of Horror #2 (Spanish)

Special parody comics series known”Threehouse of Horror “Threehouse of Horror” takes familiar characters from cartoons like “The Simpsons” and reintroduces them in classic, but still familair horror stories. The series will also include a large amount of erotic content ofcourse! The story will expose the erotica of each human, yet it will also be more literal.

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Glad Valentine Day!

Marge Simpson comes home and receives a wonderful surprise – looks like her hubby Homer isn’t forgetting that today is Valentine’s day after all! As this is a hentai-themed parody comics you already can discern that the surprise is going to have quite strong sexual material… yet is everything really as simple and obvious as it seems? Check out the comics and find out!

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[Comics Toons] Set 8/10 (The Simpsons)

It appears that Marge Simpson is among the housewives who are into the chubby males. To restore the spark to their relations Marge and Homer aren’t afraid to be a threesome with a lot of sexual sex! If you don’t believe it’s feasible, then you haven’t been reading this comic yet (even although it’s unintelligible).

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