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Grandpa And Me (The Simpsons) [Drah Navlag] – complete – english

Marge Simpsons as well as Homer Simpsons seem to be experiencing a revival in their marriage, as they’ve been having sexual relations in all places and at all times. They could be having a great time when they weren’t thinking about Abe. Abe could have unexpected outcomes from their exciting discovery! We got you intrigued? You should read this hentai-inspired comics parody as soon as you can!

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[IToonEAXXX] – Expelled – 1 – english

Today Bart Simpson played another one prank in the school today yet this time he seem to have gone too far – principal Skinnar was the victim of this prank , and the principal is planning to expell Bart completely! Only his mother Marge Simpson appears to be the only one who can settle down the conflict due to her charming charms and certain skills (if you can understand what we are talking about)!

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Glad Valentine Day!

Marge Simpson comes home and receives a wonderful surprise – looks like her hubby Homer isn’t forgetting that today is Valentine’s day after all! As this is a hentai-themed parody comics you already can discern that the surprise is going to have quite strong sexual material… yet is everything really as simple and obvious as it seems? Check out the comics and find out!

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[Comics Toons] Set 8/10 (The Simpsons)

It appears that Marge Simpson is among the housewives who are into the chubby males. To restore the spark to their relations Marge and Homer aren’t afraid to be a threesome with a lot of sexual sex! If you don’t believe it’s feasible, then you haven’t been reading this comic yet (even although it’s unintelligible).

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